Do I Need A Back Up Generator?

Many home owners around the Columbia area have asked us if they need back up generators. At 2nd Wind we believe in being safe rather than sorry. In South Carolina we all know how bad severe storms can be. These storms can cause major power outages and sometimes flooding. Back up generators can provide power for days after a power outage and keep important systems and appliances running in your home.

If you do not want to install a permanent back up generator, portable generators are also a great investment. With changing weather conditions each year it is very beneficial to be prepared for anything. We highly recommend having a back up generator if you are elderly or have infants living in your home. Also, due to COVID-19 we realize many people have converted to working from home, a back up generator would be a a great investment to ensure you have no loss of income due to a power outage.

Honeywell Backup Generator