How Can I Increase The Efficiency And Lifetime Of My HVAC Unit?

There are many ways to improve efficiency and lifetime of your HVAC unit but the most common problem people have is not changing the air filters enough. Changing your filters frequently can greatly improve the longevity of your HVAC unit. Routine maintenance check-ups are often required for warranty coverage and very beneficial to the lifetime and efficiency of your HVAC unit. Regular maintenance check-ups include cleaning dirt or debris from the unit, checking the unit for leaks, and making sure all electrical connections are connected properly.

Another way to increase efficiency and lifetime of your HVAC unit is to unblock and vacuum your vents. Many homeowners do not realize how much dust is behind there vents which causes a major restriction to air flow. Restricting of air flow from the vents can cause more dust to accumulate in the air ducts and can cause the unit to stall.


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