How Can I Tell If My Furnace Filter Needs Changing?

There are many ways to tell if a furnace filter needs to be replaced. Often times you can just look at the filter to see if it is visibly dirty. If you can't see the material of the filter, it should definitely be replaced. Another way to tell if your furnace filter needs to be replaced is the furnace is running more frequently. If your furnace is running more than usual this could be caused by dirty air filters restricting air flow throughout your home.

Another sign to change your furnace air filters is your home is more dusty than usual. This can be caused by dust build up in your air ducts which can clog your air filters. This will decrease the air quality of your home and could lead to allergies. The last clear sign to change your furnace air filters is you can notice an odor or burning smell coming from your furnace unit. This means your furnace system is working to hard to heat your home but all the heat is being trapped because of the dirty air filters. At 2nd Wind, we recommend to all of our customers that they change their furnace air filters regularly and give us a call if they would like us to do it for them.

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