Tempstar HVAC Unit

Tempstar HVAC units are among the top HVAC units in North America. Tempstar units are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and highly durable. Tempstar units stand out because of there high SEER rating, which is 19, this means the units are highly energy efficient and will save you from high electricity bills. Tempstar units have also become environmentally friendly. Tempstar uses non-ozone depleting coolants that cause no harm to the environment while keeping your home cool.

Tempstar units are very durable and reliable but built quite simply. Tempstar provides units that are single stage and double stage, only one Tempstar unit is multi-stage. Meaning the units will not constantly turn on and off to cool your home. This will save you money on your energy bills and give you peace of mind that your HVAC unit is built for longevity.

tempstar hvac unit